ZepoLovers: Fans of Zepol


Angie Karla Rojas Arroyo: My faithful friend, always waiting for me under my pillow!

Magally Ramirez Ramirez:  Applying Zepol… It’s something unique and magical. I will love Zepol forever and ever.

Elba Fonseca: I keep it under my pillow. I can live without almost anything, but never without Zepol!

Yanira Muñoz Monge: THE BEST! I never skip applying Zepol at the end of the day. And I always have a new one at the ready, for relief at all times.

Ma Antonieta Flores Ch: Yes! I apply Zepol every night. Even the dog loves Zepol!

Maricel Matarrita Fuertes: According to my Spanish dictionary, it goes something like this:

Zepolearse: To cover my skin in Zepol, in order to feel immediate relief!

Adriana Jimenez: For me, applying Zepol is glorious. Today, I’m set to open my next jar because I just finished the last one and I always need to have it with me. Zepol is the best thing to feel better, it’s such a unique product in my opinion.

Karla Núñez Gutierrez: The only thing I asked for on my birthday was some Zepol and a nasal inhaler!

Adriana Jimenez: Zepol is… Zepol! It’s the only thing that helps me when I have a cold.

Yara Mourelo: I have been a faithful user of Zepol, all my life. I will freely and voluntary spread the word!

Laura Salazar Carmona: I recommend it 100%, so much so that I brought it all the way to Spain, where my son lives.

María Jimenez Cantillo: Absolutely necessary in our biweekly purchases – even more so, now!

Mommi Cardinale: The eighth wonder of the world! I use it every night! In fact, when I’m lucky enough to leave the country or to travel nationally, I always have it with me.

Maria Del C Chaves: In my family, we have passed down Zepol from generation to generation. I recommend it. Using Zepol every day, I don’t suffer from cold symptoms.

Ana Granados Chinchilla: Zepol is my friend – my inseparable friend. I can go without almost anything except Zepol; I recommend it for everything. I do not sleep without Zepol.

Silvia Tames Morales: We can’t live without Zepol, in my house! We use it for everything. I highly recommend rubbing it on, in case of a cold or to dry out a pimple, blackheads, or acne. It’s great! For a sore throat, for aching joints – for everything! I could go on and on, telling everyone about all the uses that we have for it in my house but, in short, we highly recommend Zepol!

Sonia Araya Montero: Our grandmothers used to brew vaporizations by adding a spot of Zepol to boiling water. Buying Zepol is really part of our day-to-day.

Rebeca M Bethancourth: We are a Zepolover family, as my children say. For my family, I choose only the best. I love all your products. My beautiful son, Bryan Mora Bethancourth, grew up – and continues to grow – with Zepol.

Jorge Alberto Ramirez Matarrita: What wonderful products, I love them. Zepol Deportista is a special product, for those of us who play pickup soccer!

Jackson Rojas: My grandmother – may she rest in peace – got me in the habit of using Zepol and now I can’t sleep without it!

Rigo Mora: It’s the best, the only thing. No home should be without Zepol.

Vera B A: It’s effective and quick to act. I don’t like to lend it out!

Karol Guadamuz: #Zepol ointment is the best in the world for the little ones of the house; it’s always in my bag. My little one always sleeps so deeply and so well, with the help of #Manzatin.