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  • Zany Spray and Zany Gel can eliminate the bacteria and viruses that live on our hands and skin, generally.

Recently and in light of the COVID-19 situation, the world has increased its hygiene protocols to avoid infection from various types of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.

These germs are so easy to catch, when we’re in daily contact with other people and/or contaminated surfaces. It’s important to increase our protection measures, especially during the winter season, when the cases of infectious disease increase, both in children and adults.

That’s why Zepol Laboratories offers Zany antiseptic in two presentations: Zany Gel, which contains ethyl alcohol in ideal proportions to achieve antiseptic action; and fast-acting Zany Spray, which is a hypoallergenic solution that combines two ingredients (chlorhexidine gluconate and ethyl alcohol), both with high antiseptic properties and a residual effect that lasts from 2 to 6 hours, depending on certain circumstances.

Ethyl alcohol is highly effective and a product of choice for use in skin sanitizers, due to its rapid effect. This is how quick-use antiseptic products protect us from diseases such as the flu and other contagious diseases that can generate symptoms that include, among others, vomiting and diarrhea.

Both products have antiseptic action, with the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses present both on the hands and on the skin, in general. It’s very important to note that this product should not be applied to exposed wounds or irritated skin, as the alcohol it contains can cause pain or irritation.

According to Dr. Heyner Rodríguez, the Technical Director of Laboratorios Zepol, the application of products to our skin must be done with great care, as the skin is our protective barrier. Using any product of doubtful origin – anything that does not meet specifications for topical use or that’s produced under manufacturing processes that do not comply with required standards – can create not only a false sense of protection, but also injuries to it, which affect our health in an integral way.

Zany is available throughout Costa Rica’s largest supermarkets and pharmacies. Its mode of use is to apply on the skin and rub until the sensation of moisture disappears.

Zany Presentations:

Zany Gel: 250ml and 120ml

Zany Spray: 60ml

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